Use BrightSTEP to record behavior referrals to the school Principal and administrative team. Ensure progressive discipline strategies are used within and across schools. Track students when they move schools within the same district. Have discipline information available for suspension and expulsion appeals, and other legal hearings.
BrightSTEP provides a snapshot of student behavior at the school level to help you make informed decisions based on data. Identify students at risk for offending and/or being victimized. Recognize patterns of interactions across groups of students. Intervene sooner and smarter to make a difference!
Work with your administrative team to share discipline management. Student history is accessible regardless who works with a student. No more binders of written notes! Easily share student behavior information and discipline actions/consequences with appropriate staff and teachers.
More Features

School Districts can provide the tools for Principals to be more effective and efficient.

School Districts host BrightSTEP data using their own infrastructure. You can use your local server technology (Microsoft ASP.NET Core, SQL Server) or host in the cloud. Districts keep control of student information to meet appropriate privacy requirements.
Use BrightSTEP efficiently to save administrative time and be more effective. Data entry is fast, easy, and intuitive. BrightSTEP provides a consistent tool for all administrators to use in a School District. BrightSTEP can be customized to meet local progressive discipline expectations.
BrightSTEP works across all devices. Start on your phone, continue on a tablet and review on your computer. It doesn't matter how you use it. No software to download or install.
BrightSTEP works across all screens
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Using modern web technology across all devices and platforms.

Questions About  BrightSTEP

Still have a question? Reach out to us via info@brightstep.com

BrightSTEP is designed for whole school districts or private schools. Licensing is provided on an annual basis. Contact info@brightstep.com for a quotation, demonstration, or further information. Organizations are responsible for associated hosting costs.

On the client side, BrightSTEP uses modern web technology to work on all devices and platforms. No installation of software is needed. On the backend, BrightSTEP is hosted locally within an organization using Microsoft ASP.NET Core and Microsoft SQL Server. An organization can also host in the cloud using Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. BrightSTEP can integrate with your organization’s single sign on technology and student information system.

BrightSTEP can be customized with local progressive discipline requirements and expectations. Various drop-down menus can reflect local needs. BrightSTEP can use local student and staff data automatically. Customized reports can be added based on local needs and requirements.

Ensuring student privacy when managing behavioral data is extremely important. We take it seriously! We let you host and control the data. Nothing is stored within our company.

BrightSTEP was designed by Principals to be used by Principals and administrative teams who manage student behavior in your school. Information can easily be shared with teachers and referring staff. No more chasing down teachers to update them on your work with students and support of staff. School District staff can access aggregate data to support schools.